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Archive Media Types

At Archiveo we only recommend and use high quality media products for our clients

The life span of a recorded disc depends upon such things as the intrinsic properties of the materials used in the disc's construction, its manufactured quality, how well it is recorded and its physical handing and storage. Our manufacturers carry out accelerated age testing by subjecting samples of its discs to environments that are beyond those experienced under normal storage conditions.

Based on its extensive testing, They offer the following guidelines:

STANDARD DVD & BLURAY - Verbatim - about 100 year longevity if stored and cared for in the manner required

  • Standard single layer DVD disc 4.7GB capacity (4.37GB formatted) 
  • Standard dual Layer DVD disc 9GB capacity ( 8.7GB formatted)
  • Standard single layer BluRay 25GB capacity
  • Standard Dual Layer BluRay 50GB capacity


ARCHIVE QUALITY DVD & BLURAY - M Disc © - 1000 Years

  • Archive Quality DVD disc 4.7GB capacity
  • Archive Quality BluRay disc 25GB capacity
  • Archive Quality BluRay disc 50GB capacity
  • Archive Quality BluRay disc 100GB capacity