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Archiveo is DA-a-a-S (Digital Archive as a Service)

Welcome to Archiveo

Follow the WORM for compliance and long term archiving; Insurance for the Cloud.

WORM:  Write Once Read Many

  • Permanent
  • Data migration not necessary
  • Secure – unable to be altered or breached with a virus
  • Vendor independent
  • Hardware independent
  • Industry standard format ISO 9660 & UDF supported on Windows, Mac, Unix and Linux platform

WORM – An essential compliment for the Cloud.

With the ability to be stored for a minimum of 50 years off site or in multiple locations (i.e. fire safes), it offers a secure physical archive in a space not affected by power outages, Network bandwidth or privacy breaches.


Unlike near line storage that requires power whether it is HDD or tape , the WORM offers archiving technology that consumes the same amount of power as a filling cabinet -  Zero!

WORMing your way out of bad archiving decisions

The Differences Explained;


  • Spinning disc that has a limited life span warranted to a maximum of 5 years.


  • Can be shelf archive, however, still needs to run as part of a re-tensing process to stop tapes adhering to themselves
  • Media is subject to electromagnetic radiation
  • Far shorter life cycle (how many tape formats have there been in the past 10 yrs?!)
  • Excellent media for back up and near line storage NOT for long term archive

Optical BD-R WORM:

  •  Makes use of an inorganic material in the recording layer, entirely different from the organic dye used in previous types of DVD & CDs which were susceptible to light.
  • As the recording layer is not affected by light, it realizes a disc with outstanding archiving ability.
  • The addition of a hard coating minimises the effect of finger marks smudges or scratching
  • Decades long, environmentally sound, affordable, essential archiving solutions

DAaaS = Low Cost, Compliant, Redundant Archive, Cradle to Grave