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Digital Archive as a Service (DA-a-a-S)

Why Digital Archive as a service? ..... Because its insurance for the cloud.    Why would i need that?

What happens when a cloud provider declares bankruptcy?

What if the wide area network is faulty?

What if your cloud service provider has no disaster recovery plan?

What if you forget about compliance and security?

Horror stories don't just happen at the movie theater. In a few cases, companies make a big play to use the wrong cloud application or experience widespread outages in their connection to cloud storage.

While vendors claim that cloud services are secure and reliable, that's not always the case. A better way than relying or vendor promises? Make sure your migration plans, budgets, existing infrastructure, security and any ancillary services all match up before making the jump to the cloud.

As technology rapidly advances, we’re living longer, doing more, creating more memories and recording more data. Every business owner, photographer, scrapbooker, every person fears losing the legacy they have spent their lifetime creating.

This is where Archiveo steps in, We offer state of the art, ture archive of files and data which you control, when and to what media and what type of Archive you require?

The service offers

  • A secure login to your own share folder on our Archiveo Server via vpn  (You simply map your Archiveo share folder on your system Drag and drop the data you want archived and leave the rest to us)
  • You determine  the amount of space you will require
  • What media Type you would like to use and how many copies you require
  • Frequency of Archive, daily, weekly, monthly etc.
  • Recive your Archive discs to your selected location or let us at Archiveo lookafter them properly for you at our secure locations around the country at NEXDC - Data Centres